Architected for Streamlined Discovery
and Collaboration

“Riffyn’s unique process-oriented architecture joins our experimental methods and results from collaborating teams on three continents, and aggregates it in real-time for structured data analysis.”
Director of Scientific Data Management & Analysis

The Riffyn SDE: A Leap in Evolution for Research & Development in Process-based Industries

Riffyn’s mission is to help scientists in process-based industries deliver accurate and useable research—research we can trust and build upon efficiently; a global supply chain of methods and data.



  • cell line screening
  • bioprocess PD
  • downstream PD
  • analytical chemistry
  • animal DMPK studies


  • strain engineering
  • assay development
  • catalyst screening
  • fermentation PD
  • recovery PD


  • recipe development
  • product formulation
  • quality assurance
  • ingredient traceability


  • process & product specifications
  • transfer between PD & manufacturing

Why We Built Riffyn


The problem in science today isn’t recording data, it’s integrating methods and results so we can do science.


Since the time of Newton and Galileo, the tools for capturing and communicating science have remained conceptually unchanged—in essence, they consist of observations on paper (or electronic variants), followed by a “letter” to the community to report your findings. 

At present, scientists' ideas and efforts are often impeded by uninterpretable spreadsheets, inaccessible data, or excessive experimental noise. It’s costing us billions of dollars in lost opportunities for discovery. 
For the folks at Riffyn, this problem was a call to action. 

Riffyn spent years creating a Scientific Development Environment—a cloud-based software toolset built to elevate the scientific experiment to a thing you can see, a thing you can improve, a thing you can revere and share—just as you might do for a new device or piece of software. Riffyn treats scientific experiments as tangible objects, and provides the means to design, execute, and share them as visual, computable data sets for interactive analysis and machine learning. With this new approach we’re aiming to help scientists deliver reusable research—research we can trust and build on efficiently, like high-quality parts in a global supply chain of methods and data.

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