Why Riffyn Nexus?

Your science is more than your

Transparent scientific processes drive better data quality, faster learning, and unfathomable speed of development. We figured out how to bring it all together to change the way you do science.

What it does

Riffyn Nexus is a Process Data System

Riffyn Nexus is the world’s first Process Data System – a cloud-based data system that uses R&D and manufacturing processes as the organizing principle for its data storage, analysis, and user interface. It is inspired by the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle (a.k.a., the DMAIC cycle of Total Quality).

See how we do it

Integrate your organization’s workflows and data into Riffyn Nexus’ globally accessible, enterprise-scale cloud service for real-time process data analytics.

Product features

Streamline your product lifecycle

Riffyn Nexus gets everyone on the same page with its drag-and-drop process and workflow design tool which is built upon an organization-wide ontology database.


Execute experiments and batches with precision

Comprehensive experiment planning, data capture, and sample/material tracking features ensure cleanly-annotated, validated, analysis-ready data at all times.


Change experimental processes workflows dynamically

Process version and change control allows you to retain data integrity and structure while permitting maximum flexibility.


Share in real time with people and machines

Securely share your work. Access your data programmatically through powerful APIs with standardized data structures.


Secure and compliant

How it works

From lab data to machine learning in 30 seconds

Riffyn Nexus captures, structures, and links process and experiment data into industry-standard data frames for immediate visualization and machine learning. Data frames can be exported, streamed in realtime to data lakes, or consumed immediately by best-in-class business analytics software like Spotfire, JMP, R, and Python.

Data to Analysis Infographic

How it's different

Exclusive technology for extraordinary results

We introduced the Process Data System in 2014 and have been innovating on our patented technology ever since. Alternative software, stuck in the mentality of ELN and LIMS, struggles to deliver the flexibility, structure, context, modularity, portability, and extensibility of Riffyn Nexus.

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How it connects

The world is an ecosystem. Your R&D data environment should be too.

Riffyn Nexus gives you the choice, modularity, and simplicity you wouldn’t get with vendor lock-in. Riffyn embraces the entire R&D ecosystem – providing unconstrained programmatic access to Riffyn Nexus’ full functionality and underlying data.

Ecosystem Infographic

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