Why we started Riffyn

Riffyn was launched in 2014 with a mission to make it easier and faster to do reproducible science because it will deliver a revolution in the pace and impact of scientific R&D. The time is ripe for profound change in science — the needed technologies have arrived, and the path to transformation is clear. That path was lit by legions of brilliant minds who came before us, and we at Riffyn are sprinting down it.

swan flight.jpg

A Swan in the Making

Reproducibility is the ugly duckling of science. It provokes distress, denial, and passionate calls for action.

With $1.5 trillion spent globally each year on R&D,* the idea that 80% of it is irreproducible can cause downright dread. It threatens the foundations and credibility of the scientific enterprise. But look past the surface, and reproducibility may well be a swan in the making.

Achieving reproducibility in every lab may offer one of the greatest opportunities in decades to advance the practice of science. We saw it double the pace of discovery overnight, and deliver scale-up of process technologies in weeks instead of years.

The path to transformation already exists. We need only look into the world of manufacturing to see our swan. When we look at automobile, electronics or any kind of manufacturing today, we see quality. Quality of manufactured goods is almost an assumption. But it wasn't always this way. The transformation started in the late 20th century by acknowledging, and then breaking barriers to quality in a profound way. 

Riffyn is harnessing those same principles of manufacturing quality, but adapting them to the more dynamic environment of R&D where the product is not high-quality goods, rather, it is high-quality reusable information. These principles will engender a profound transformation that holds the key to our scientific future—the transformation of scientific reproducibility from an ugly duckling into a swan. 



Read more about Riffyn's vision to reshape our relationship with experimentation and data quality in "A Swan in the Making," an essay in Science magazine, and "Buried in Data, Starving for Information." Both perspectives are authored by Timothy Gardner, Riffyn's founder/CEO.