Riffyn is for Faster Process and Product Development, with Total Security

We’re GLP / GMP Validated, and ISO 27001:2013 certified

Riffyn makes data sharing, tracking, and data analysis seamless. It’s no longer a moment of panic to track down someone for methods or data.
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Five Core Capabilities


Connect process parameters, samples and measurement data for integrated analysis across unit operations and your product lifecycle



Visual Process Definition
Riffyn SDE's visual interface for process design helps you define all sample handling steps, parameters, measured properties, calculations, and specification limits.

Riffyn retains every version of process and experiment designs, making it possible to visualize changes across time and assess their impact on experimental outputs.

Built-in, Customizable Ontologies
Riffyn uses standard and customizable ontologies for experimental data to ensure consistency and comparability of data.

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Design of Experiments
Riffyn's experiment engine allows you to design multi-parameter experiments and track complex sample flows through your processing steps.

Track Samples and Collect Data
Collect data directly from scientific instruments and databases. Data is imported, parsed, and added to experimental context automatically.

Modify Running Experiments
Process development teams can re-visit previous process versions or create experiments on any process version to measure process improvements. Scientists can even modify experiments while in progress.

Data Integration
Riffyn's Analytics Engine automatically joins data from each experimental step (from different devices) into an integrated, linked data structure. It can also concatenate experiments across time for multi-factor cause/effect analysis.

Clean and Reshape Data
Riffyn's data-cleaning engine allows you to align data points from differnt instruments and summarize data automatically.

Data Analysis and Visualization
Riffyn delivers analysis-ready data to the most powerful third-party statistical analytics software including R®, JMP® Statistical Discovery™ software from SAS®, Spotfire®, Tableau® and others.

Plots created with JMP® Software. Copyright 2019, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced with permission of SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC.


Share With Your Colleagues
Any process design and associated experimental data can be shared with view, operate, edit or administrative permissions—much like sharing a Google doc.


Data Export / APIs
Riffyn provides a powerful read/write API to connect to your Riffyn experiments. You can access your data in vendor-neutral format using open-source tools and data standards. You’ll always be able to get all of your data out fully annotated and fully structured.

Get Data from Devices and Other Data Sources
Riffyn SDE collects and parses data from spreadsheets, LIMS, SQL databases, Sharepoint, web data sources, and manual entry. As you collect it, Riffyn SDE automatically maps that data to the process designs and experimental conditions that produced it—assuring provenance and interpretability for all your data.

Send Data to Anywhere
Export the structured data with a click, or programmatically via API to any visualization or statistical analysis software. Riffyn offers live data connections and AddIns for many of your favorite tools.

Off-the-shelf Data Connectors
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Stay compliant without limiting innovation

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21CFR Part 11 Compliant

  • Single Sign-on
  • Data Entry Validation
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Audit Logs
GxP Validated

ISO 27001 Compliant



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