Scientific Blueprints and fBPM are the Pillars for Digital Transformation in Scientific R&D Organizations

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 8.55.51 AM.png

From my April talk "Data Wars" at Bio-IT World this year, while still at AstraZeneca, we talked about the cadence of events needed to successfully build a scientific data foundation in an R&D organization. As you can see in the horse-before-the-cart image, the real data transformation journey needs to start with cultural change management. It’s the beginning of a process that has the potential to create an advanced analytics environment where things like machine learning happen automatically.

The rate limiter to achieving this vision has been, of course, tools. Labs have been stuck trying to map workflows, gather data, and conduct analysis in static, siloed data environments.

With Riffyn’s breakthrough Scientific Design Environment (SDE) it is possible, for the first time, to capture processes and their associated measurement data as they evolve into a single sharable digital object. We call the resulting, revolutionary data object a ‘scientific blueprint’. Even better, analysis of that process data and its change history is also available in real time because Riffyn SDE automatically integrates the data into a statistical data frame, ready for visualization, quality analysis, correlation, and machine learning. 

These scientific blueprints are created through a unique organizational change approach that Riffyn calls functional Business Process Mapping - 𝑓BPM™.  𝑓BPM, and the scientific blueprints that it generates using Riffyn SDE, represent a paradigm shift for industrialized science and R&D IT.  This paradigm shift delivers data that is clean, contextualized, FAIR, and ready for machine learning in seconds. For the first time FAIR compliance isn’t just about data, it’s also about the processes that generate it, and the analytics derived from it.

Moreover, applicability of Riffyn is broad and deep. Riffyn SDE is extremely flexible, allowing scientists themselves to design and change processes on the fly. It therefore can map and understand all workflow processes and integrations across an entire organization because the scientists themselves articulate their work processes during the fBPM stage.  

Riffyn is making huge impacts in all R&D verticals and industries. (Return On Investment and Total Cost of Ownership examples are available.)  Riffyn is creating digital transformation across the product and process lifecycle and diverse scientific R&D domains.  From early discovery environments where things are very dynamic, to development stage where the design space needs to be mapped, and all the way to tech transfer for manufacturing, where quality, consistency and regulatory compliance rule all.

John Conway