Riffyn in Action

For decades, scientists have struggled with inadequate solutions that created inefficiencies with process implementation and data analysis. Common problems include repeating experiments due to inability to utilize previous results, inability to locate and filter across experiments, missing annotations, and the loss of institutional knowledge when scientists leave.  

The videos below introduce you to some of the ways that Riffyn addresses these challenges, and how Riffyn can take you well beyond the capabilities of legacy LIMS, ELNs, and spreadsheets traditionally used by scientists.  

Overview of Riffyn


Learn how Riffyn can unite your lab procedures, experiment designs, and data collection in one beautiful dataset always ready for instant analysis. No more spreadsheet hell.

Process design

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This video shows how the SOP or protocol for executing a process (the human instruction set) is integrated directly with the flow diagram of the physical process (and all your experimental data).


Animal pharmacokinetics study

This video illustrates the use of Riffyn to execute an Animal PK study, including multivariate data analysis.

Process versioning


This video illustrates how you can use Riffyn to keep track of ever-evolving versions of an R&D process.


Linking data for interactive analysis


This video shows how Riffyn links your data across experiments and procedures, and joins it with all the process, experiment and product conditions and specifications for immediate visualization and interactive data analysis

Identifying sources of variation


This videos shows the use of Riffyn to assess and identify the source of undesired variation in your experimental methods.


Uploading and parsing data


This video illustrates use of Riffyn's file upload and parsing system to store complex time-dependent run plans as templates on experiments and populate those plans on runs.

Hit picking

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Illustration of hit-picking with Riffyn's Analysis Mode. (This feature is still in the "skunk works".)


Querying data & metadata with JMP


This video illustrates how you can directly retrieve fully-structured, fully-linked experimental data and metadata via the Riffyn API. Here, the data retrieval is executed in JMP. But any REST-enabled software or programming language can be used.

Integration with R via Riffyn API


This video shows how you can access data programmatically via Riffyn's REST API. In this example, an R script running in R Studio is used to pull time-course data of compound concentrations.


Integration with control systems                                               


This video shows illustrates a mechanism by which you can integrate Riffyn with laboratory control systems (or other external event triggering). Here an R-script is used to monitor the state of samples, and an event is triggered in response to a run start.

Sending parameters to a controller


Using the Riffyn API, you can retrieve and populate experimental parameters on your instrumentation. This includes both single-value settings, and time-dependent parameters, such as an agitation ramp.