Riffyn Patent Markings

At Riffyn, our mission is to help scientists improve the quality and sustainability of our lives and our planet by unlocking the power of data. By challenging the status quo and taking the right path. In 2014, we introduced Riffyn Nexus™, the world’s first process data system. And we have been innovating on our patented technology ever since.

Developing new technologies has enabled us to create a product and design solutions across our software system.

Riffyn’s Nexus product is covered by one or more patents including:

  • US 9,910,936
  • US 10,740,505
  • US 10,586,015
  • US 10,817,494
  • US 10,909,279
  • US 11,055,449
  • CN106687875B

Last updated: July 9, 2021