Open Access Policy

Note: The Open Access program has been obsoleted in April 2021.

At Riffyn, we believe in open data — that is, data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone. We believe that open data fuels innovation through reuse and recombination which is the foundation of innovation. It also aligns with our values which are built upon personal accountability, teamwork, trust and community. We strive to live up to these values in our actions, our work products, and our business practices. Open data means “no bullshit” data, or at least the ability of anyone to call bullshit—a necessary foundation for these values. Our present policies on Open Access—in particular the access to Riffyn technology and content stored on Riffyn—are articulated in this document. We note that these policies are reviewed periodically, open to suggestions for improvement (via, and subject to revision.

Riffyn Open Access Eligibility

Any person affiliated with a non-profit organization, whose mission aligns with Riffyn’s values — notably a commitment to truth, integrity, democratic discourse, diversity of idea and cultures, community, equal opportunity, and social and environmental stewardship — can obtain access to the Riffyn SDE Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the publicly-shared content stored therein, via a no-cost Riffyn Open Access Account. A Riffyn Open Access Account will be granted upon acceptance of Riffyn’s Individual Open Access Account Agreement. The agreement implements the principles outlined in this policy.

Open Access Account Description

An Open Access Account owner may access their data, or data shared with them, via Riffyn SDE multi-tenant SaaS using a browser at Open Access Account owners may also download their data and shared data in non-proprietary CSV format, JSON format, or XML format directly from the application UI, or programmatically read and write data via the Riffyn SDE API at

Presently a Riffyn Open Access Account provides the following levels of service.

  • Open Access Account owners have access to the full functionality of Riffyn SDE multi-tenant SaaS.
  • Open Access Accounts are individual accounts. Content created by an individual account holder cannot be consolidated, curated, administered or controlled by an organization-based superuser. However, if an individual chooses to purchase an organization-based subscription to Riffyn, their content can be transitioned to an organization-based account at that time.

Riffyn reserves the right to adjust at any time the terms and conditions of the Open Access Account Agreement, and the features and capacities offered via an Open Access Account. Riffyn may choose to provide support services to Open Access Account owners, but is not obligated to do so.

Data Access and Use

Control of Public vs Private Data

All account owners control sharing of their data. (1) They may keep their data fully private, or (2) they may directly share their data with selected individuals, teams and organizations, or (3) they may make their data completely public for unrestricted view & download access to all account owners on Riffyn SDE multi-tenant cloud SaaS, including Open Access Account holders and paid subscribers.

Publicly Shared Data: Automatic Grant of an Open Access License

When an account owner creates or shares their data as public entities in Riffyn SDE, they automatically grant an irrevocable right to others to use, re-use, and redistribute that data without restriction or limitation, as detailed in the applicable service agreement executed by that account owner.

Private Data: Ownership Rights, Use & Confidentiality

Riffyn is deeply committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, security of private customer data, and Riffyn SDE is engineered with that in mind. Riffyn does not share private data or identity with anyone or any organization, unless the owner of that data chooses to share it publicly. Riffyn uses the data solely to provide its SaaS to the account owner as set forth in the applicable service agreement executed by that account owner. Riffyn does not use the data of account owners for any other purpose. Riffyn will protect the data of an account owner as confidential information (unless otherwise shared publicly), and will use the same degree of care to protect that data as Riffyn uses to protect the confidentiality of its own confidential information.

All rights, title and interest in and to the account owner’s data shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of the account owner.

Prohibition of Malicious/Offensive Content

Riffyn prohibits the posting of malicious or offensive content and files to Riffyn. Riffyn may identify and remove any such content at any time at its sole discretion.

Despite this prohibition, Riffyn SDE users may still encounter such malicious or offensive content in shared entities. In accessing shared content, users accept any and all risks associated with viewing it, using it or downloading it. Users may notify Riffyn of content they believe to be offensive or malicious via email to


Riffyn establishes and maintains a commercially reasonable information security program that is designed to: (1) protect the security, integrity, availability, backup, and confidentiality of the account owner’s data; (2) protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of the account owner’s data; and (3) protect against unauthorized access to or use of the account owner’s data.

Account Request

If you meet the eligibility requirements for an Open Access Account on Riffyn, you may request your account here.