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Embriette Hyde

Earlier this year, Riffyn CEO Tim Gardner spoke with Agnes Shanley of PharmTech about Riffyn's founding principles, how Riffyn Nexus, the world's first Process Data System, has helped biotech giants like Novozymes double product development speed, and why biopharma should adopt a digital approach to process design and data management. Read the full article here.

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Embriette Hyde

Embriette is an academic-turned science writer with a passion for spreading responsible science. She holds a PhD in microbiome research from Baylor College of Medicine. After a 4-year post-doc, during which she managed the world's largest citizen science research project (the American Gut Project), Embriette became a full-time science writer and research consultant. You can find her work at riffyn.com, synbiobeta.com, and her personal webpage: drhydenotjekyll.com