Making Machine Learning in Science an Everyday Reality - A Conversation with SynBioBeta

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The barrier to unlocking the full potential of machine learning isn’t bad analytical tools or a fear of statistics: it’s bad data resulting from poorly designed studies and data systems. Using scientific blueprints to organize people, process, technology, and data, Riffyn aims to make machine learning in science an everyday reality.

Read how Riffyn uniquely achieves this in the SynBioBeta interview with Timothy Gardner, Founder and CEO, Loren Perelman, Vice President of Science, and John F. Conway, Chief Commercial Officer.

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Riffyn Media

Riffyn’s pioneering cloud system, Riffyn Nexus, delivers 2X faster development cycles and 4X productivity gains to the world’s scientific R&D organizations. Its process-centric experiment design, data capture, and data analytics overcome the limitations of traditional scientific data systems — delivering results that are always ready for machine learning.

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