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Presenter: Dr. Loren Perelman, VP of Scientific Solutions, Riffyn

The case studies mentioned in Dr. Perelman's presentation can be found here.

About this presentation:

Data is the number one asset of any R&D company. It's the proverbial gold that enables knowledge gain and decision-making that drive commercialization. With the ever-increasing amount of data produced by life science R&D companies, knowledge sharing within a group and across groups becomes significantly challenging. Better digital tools for data capture and analysis are now more critical than ever to getting value from data assets.

Dr. Loren Perelman, Riffyn's VP of Scientific Solutions, and his team have worked closely with global R&D organizations on their digital transformation. In this talk, he will use case studies to illustrate the value of a process-centric approach to scientific work and data — a strategy built on "blueprints" to define R&D activities and using those to deliver fully structured, in-context data automatically for analysis. These blueprints form an organizing data backbone for a "Lab of the Future" - a modular ecosystem of interacting software, hardware, and data assets that drive accelerated product development and tech transfer to manufacturing.

This webinar was originally aired on Feb 18, 2021 in partnership with Astrix Technology Group.