Synbiobeta Live! Lab Data to Machine Learning in 30 Seconds

A conversation about machine learning in the lab and demonstration of Riffyn


  • John Cumbers, CEO of SynBioBeta
  • Tim Gardner, CEO of Riffyn
  • Laura Jennings-Antipov, Director of Science at Riffyn
  • John Conway, Head of R&D IT at MedImmune at AstraZeneca
  • Aeron Hammack, CEO of Epibiome
Want to go from lab data to machine learning in 30 seconds? In this live webcast recorded May 23 with John Cumbers of SynBioBeta, Tim Gardner and Laura Jennings-Antipov of Riffyn demonstrate and discuss how biological researchers can spend less time organizing their experimental data and more time asking important questions about it.

Though we don't put this webcast behind any sort of access wall, we would still love to hear from you!

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And the behind the scenes view of the webcast. John Cumbers is quite the comedian!

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Timothy Gardner