Managing Director Europe

Riffyn — Europe

A Mission to Reshape Science

Breakthrough discoveries once occurred when scientists like Alexander Fleming noticed the halo of dead bacteria surrounding a mold colony. But today's breakthroughs often go unnoticed because they are buried in uninterpretable spreadsheets, inaccessible data or excessive experimental noise. Riffyn’s mission is to unlock the full potential of today’s science by delivering clean, connected, meaningful data the moment it is collected.

The Role

As Managing Director Europe at Riffyn, you are a deeply experienced in R&D operations and the procurement and use of R&D informatics products and services in global enterprises. You will report to Riffyn’s CEO and serve on the global Executive Leadership Team. Your primary responsibility is to establish, lead and grow Riffyn’s European operations with a particular focus on supporting revenue generation and scientific services delivery. You will also be responsible for establishing a physical facilities, for oversight of legal and HR functions, for recruiting the best and brightest people in commercial, scientific and engineering fields, and for establishing and promoting a culture of excellence. You will also serve as a spokesperson for Riffyn and thought-leader the technical ideas underlying Riffyn’s mission. This work may include written publications, public presentations, network development, and market surveillance. 


Operations and Communications

  • Establish, lead and grow Riffyn’s European operations with a particular focus on supporting revenue generation and scientific services delivery

  • Work with Executive Leadership Team to establish annual goals and plans for European activities within the global strategy, policies and practices

  • Track and communicate objectives, needs, progress and issues both formally and informally throughout the organization

  • Support the operational needs of the European office(s) in HR, legal, security, facilities and procurement


  • Become an expert in Riffyn products and services and the value they deliver 

  • Articulate Riffyn’s value proposition and impact to prospective customers and broader audiences

  • Work with Riffyn Marketing to develop promotional messaging and deliver it via both online and in-person channels

Strategy and Market Surveillance

  • Grow your network of relationships in scientific and process-based R&D organizations, particularly at the executive level

  • Maintain a deep understanding of trends and digital initiatives in key market verticals

  • Maintain a deep understanding of the scientific software marketplace & emerging trends

  • Define / prioritize market focus and new business opportunities

Sales and Services

  • Work with CCO and develop/adopt support sales activities in Europe, lead generation, intelligence gathering activities, and pipeline/deal support.

  • Work with VP of Scientific Solutions to support the delivery of Riffyn SaaS and services to European customer sites.


  • Recruit the best and brightest people in commercial, scientific and engineering fields

  • Hold team accountable, inspired and incentivized to deliver on goals

  • Instill a positive and creative culture that drives employees to contribute and prosper

  • Implement and operate training and mentorship programs


  • Expect approximately 25-40% of time traveling


Deep knowledge of scientific R&D and R&D IT organizations including: 

  • The latest trends and conventional wisdom in these business functions

  • Their structure, decision-making processes/constraints and change management process

  • The ecosystem of technologies that must be accommodated or replaced in an enterprise R&D organization

  • The scientific methods, toolsets and life cycle that drive scientific product development

  • Foundational experiences or training in a science-related technical field. 

Deep network with R&D or R&D IT leadership at life science, biotech, pharmaceutical industries

General Leadership

  • Experienced in developing, operating, tracking and delivering on annual plans and projects therein

  • Demonstrated ability to recruit, incentivize, develop and inspire a team of business and technical professionals

  • Ability to work effectively across geographies when warranted, both to address customer needs and lead and motivate a distributed Riffyn team

  • Demonstrated experience in team organization and performance management

  • Previous entrepreneurial and or regional office responsibility or experience


  • Track-record of thought leadership in both publications and public speaking

  • Ability to distill complex concepts into compelling messages for diverse audiences

  • Exceptionally organized, driven, accountable

  • Outstanding and proactive communications

  • Ability to move gracefully from tactical to strategic levels of thinking and doing

About Riffyn

Riffyn provides software as a service and solutions for scientific process design and data analytics to biotech, pharmaceutical, material, chemical and food industries. Riffyn SaaS offers a unique “design-first” approach to scientific experimentation and product development that gives global R&D organizations unprecedented access to high-quality process information, FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), and machine learning.

Riffyn solves previously intractable data fragmentation and data sharing problems in R&D organizations. Using patented technology based on scientific blueprints, Riffyn SaaS breaks down data silos to provide deeply integrated data sets for real-time statistical analysis, visualization and global access. In addition, Riffyn Scientific Services provides expert training and consulting on assay design, process improvement and scientific data analysis. Riffyn SaaS supports eight of the top 15 global biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and food technology firms. Riffyn is headquartered in Oakland, California.