VP of Engineering

Riffyn, Inc. - Oakland, CA - riffyn.com


Riffyn seeks a Vice President (VP) of Engineering to lead and inspire an extraordinary engineering team, and to continuously improve the development process. As the VP of Engineering, you will report to the CTO and will be responsible for ensuring that the product vision is realized through excellence in execution. You will be collaborating and coordinating with the Product Design, Quality Assurance and SaaS Operations teams on sprint planning and product releases. You will be an integral part of making sure the “trains run on time.” You will also work with the executive team to develop product and operational strategies, and continuously improve the culture and performance of the organization as a whole.

The ideal candidate a great communicator, has demonstrated excellence in the management of software engineering teams, and will excel in recruiting, team building, and problem solving.

Riffyn provides research design and analytics software (SaaS) to biotech, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Riffyn SaaS offers a unique “design-first” approach to scientific experimentation and product development that solves previously intractable data fragmentation issues. Riffyn provides global R&D organizations with unprecedented access to high-quality data, process design information and integrative data analytics.  

VP of Engineering Responsibilities and Expertise:

  • Organizational leadership

    Role: lead, manage and mentor a team of engineers


    • Aptitude for organizational design and team dynamics

    • High degree of emotional intelligence

    • Know how to recruit and develop top engineering talent

    • Know how to motivate people and supervise efficient team operations

  • Project management and execution

    Role: responsible for development and delivery of the product improvements to specifications and timelines


    • Experienced in the agile development process

    • Understand and coordinate the complete product lifecycle from concept to execution and delivery

    • Develop project plans in collaboration with Product Design, Quality Assurance and SaaS Operations

    • Recommend and implement new processes and ideas to improve sprints and efficiency.

  • Technical leadership

    Role: responsible for co-developing the technical strategy with the CTO, and for developing and maintaining a technical roadmap that will continue to innovate from a technical standpoint


    • Deep technical background and aptitude across a breadth of modern software and cloud technologies

    • Develop standards and procedures to ensure quality standards are met and maintained

    • Ensure appropriate implementation of engineering methodologies and processes.

    • Recommend new tools, technologies, and areas of improvement

  • Strategy development and communication

    Role: serve as part of the senior staff, working with others to develop company strategy and product strategy


    • Great communicator that influences up, down and sideways

    • Serve as a main communication channel between the engineering team and the rest of the company

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