Director of Product Marketing

Riffyn, Inc. - Oakland, CA -

A Mission to Reshape Science

Breakthrough discoveries once occurred when scientists like Alexander Fleming noticed the halo of dead bacteria surrounding a mold colony. But today's breakthroughs often go unnoticed because they are buried in uninterpretable spreadsheets, inaccessible data, or excessive experimental noise. Riffyn’s mission is to unlock the full potential of today’s science by delivering clean, connected, meaningful data the moment it is collected.

The Role

We seek a scientifically-experienced Director of Product Marketing to communicate Riffyn’s value proposition, impact, thought leadership and culture through multiple engagement channels including publications, branding, multimedia, user meetings and events. The Director of Marketing will work directly with Riffyn’s CEO and executive team to amplify Riffyn’s vision and voice in the scientific community and R&D marketplace.



  • Become an expert in Riffyn products and the value they deliver to scientific R&D

  • Understand and stay current with the scientific software marketplace in order to place Riffyn messaging in context of current and emerging trends

  • Articulate Riffyn’s value proposition and impact to varying audiences and industry segments through emotionally compelling messaging, targeted use-cases, feature highlights, customer success stories, and ROI studies

Promotion & Education

  • Promote Riffyn’s value proposition and impact through multiple communication channels including the company website, social media, email newsletters, blogs, press releases, conference presentations, and release communications

  • Educate prospective customers and the scientific community on Riffyn’s products and scientific innovation through interactive channels including user group meetings, Riffyn-produced events and trainings on science or data science topics, conference exhibits, online education content, and scientific publications.


  • Work with Riffyn’s product designers to develop and improve Riffyn’s branding, including logos, style-guides, graphic design and trademarks

  • Develop and manage internal and external use of Riffyn’s copyrighted materials and trademarks

Sales enablement

  • Work with Riffyn’s commercial team to develop sales content and collateral, including demonstration videos, brochures, FAQs, exhibit banners and use cases


  • Develop, communicate, and execute an annual marketing promotions strategy with thematic focus areas supported by multi-faceted marketing campaigns

  • Develop and monitor metrics of marketing impact


  • Expect approximately 25% of time traveling to conferences, events and customer sites



  • Intuition for the emotional heartbeat of scientists and R&D leadership

  • Extensive knowledge of scientific R&D processes and the challenges of scientific data and data analysis

  • Familiarity with scientific software, informatics or similar digital discipline


  • Track record of scientific writing and/or media production that demonstrates an ability to translate complex ideas and technical concepts into intuitive messages

  • 3 years of professional experience in R&D, journalism, or science communications

  • Degree or concentration in scientific or engineering field


  • Passion for science and improving the effectiveness and impact of scientific research

  • Outgoing personality that thrives on engaging and inspiring people

Professional skills

  • Multi-tasker that can define, execute, track and communicate (to many stakeholders) a set of parallel activities.

  • Ability to develop and communicate a clear strategy and action plan while navigating uncertainty and the unexpected

About Riffyn

Riffyn was launched in 2014 with a mission to make it easier and faster to do reproducible science. We are industry veterans who have first-hand experience with what it takes to efficiently advance laboratory research to full-scale production. We are redefining the digital tools for scientists to make high-confidence decisions and get products to market faster and cheaper. Riffyn’s products and services support global enterprises in life-science, biotech and material and chemical industries.