Operations Engineer (DevOps)

Riffyn, Inc. - Oakland, CA

A Mission to Reshape Science

Breakthrough discoveries once occurred when scientists like Alexander Fleming noticed the halo of dead bacteria surrounding a mold colony. But today's breakthroughs often go unnoticed because they are buried in uninterpretable spreadsheets, inaccessible data, or excessive experimental noise. Riffyn’s mission is to unlock the full potential of today’s science by delivering clean, connected, meaningful data the moment it is collected.

The Role

As an Operations Engineer, you will:
Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing.
Identify, implement, and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation.
Assess, manage, and deliver improvements to our CI/CD pipeline to enable faster, more efficient developer workflows.
Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems.
Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes.

Who You Are

5+ years of experience working on a DevOps, Infrastructure, or Platform Engineering team with a focus on cloud technologies.
2+ years experience leading technical projects with a team of engineers.
Bachelors or Masters in CS, or equivalent experience
Experience provisioning and configuring repeatable, highly-available infrastructure using tools such as Terraform, Chef, Ansible, etc.
Proficient in Linux, Shell and Python
Outstanding & proactive oral and written communication skills - with colleagues, mentees, and customers.
Experience with build automation, security and performance monitoring tools.
Hands-on attitude, while also maintaining a strategic view of gaps and execution plans.
Desirable: Experience with AWS services including EC2, S3, CloudWatch, IAM.
Desirable: Experience with container orchestration using tools such as Kubernetes or Docker Swarm.
Desirable: experience with Nginx, MongoDB, Nodejs, Docker, Celery and RabbitM


Apply with your CV, cover letter, and any portfolio of materials that illustrate your skills (presentations, websites, data analysis, etc.).

Apply (join@riffyn.com)