Data Scientist/Senior Data Scientist

Riffyn, Inc. - Oakland, CA -

Riffyn develops research design and analytics software (SaaS) for biotech, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Riffyn SaaS offers a unique “design-first” approach to scientific experimentation and product development that solves previously intractable data fragmentation issues. Riffyn provides global R&D organizations with unprecedented access to high-quality data, process design information and integrative data analytics.

Our Science team is focused on delivering holistic solutions from data input through to detailed analysis, and this requires our members to be scientists who have lived the day-to-day of lab-based work or the direct support thereof (e.g., via data science). We are looking for a Data Scientist/Senior Data Scientist to help support our customers’ realization of these solutions.

Who You Are

You are a data scientist in bioprocess/pharma (e.g., fermentation, downstream process, screening, analytical/quality) who is passionate about using data to make decisions. You have a deep familiarity or expertise in your field, and you’ve worked with a variety of software platforms and statistical methodologies to provide solutions to complex problem statements. You love the science behind the data, and you want to make sure that the data gets harnessed to its fullest potential. You like working with people, learning from them, as well as teaching them new ways to make the most of their work. You work to add value as much as you can, and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do some heavy lifting as needed.

The Experience

As a Data Scientist/Senior Data Scientist, you will develop a close relationship with Riffyn customers, serving as an advisor and guide to help them

  1. use Riffyn’s software for the first time,

  2. translate their R&D workflows and data systems to Riffyn, and

  3. learn how to achieve unprecedented scientific insight using Riffyn’s technology

  4. use a variety of statistical methodologies to provide solutions to customer questions

In this role, you will tap your skills and experiences in experimental design, process improvement, assay systems, measurement systems, data analysis, and/or statistics to transition our customers from an environment of fragmented data---with data spread across notebooks, spreadsheets and databases---to one where data is instantly integrated, accessible and ready for scientific discovery.


  • Work with customers to translate scientific workflows into Riffyn process designs

  • Help customers design experiments to address their R&D questions

  • Help customers pipe their data from various sources into Riffyn experiments

  • Assist customers to enhance their data analysis with scripted data analytics and visualizations

  • Train customers on the Riffyn application and enhanced scientific discovery methodologies

  • Channel your professional experience and customer feedback into feature requests for product development

  • Generate and maintain help documentation and videos, and write blog articles and journal publications.


  • 2-5 years’ industrial experience with an M.S. in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, or related field; candidates with B.S. degrees and exceptional experience will also be considered

  • Proficiency using Excel, python or scripting languages for data capture, analysis and reporting

  • Experienced using JMP, R, Spotfire, Tableau or other software for multivariate data exploration or analysis

  • Experience with at least one of the following is highly valuable: electronic lab notebooks (ELN), laboratory information management systems (LIMS), chromatography data systems, historians, or other assay data capture, process design, scientific workflow management platforms

  • Demonstrated capability to identify and solve scientific problems using a statistically-driven, data-first approach

  • Experience in Design of Experiments (DoE), Partition of Variance and other statistical methodologies highly sought

  • AI and Machine Learning knowledge highly valuable

  • Outstanding & proactive oral and written communication skills

  • Problem-solving/analytical mindset

Willing to travel up to 30%

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