Riffyn’s unique flexibility enables us to capture processes as they evolve, which means that we can now capture and integrate all data, from R&D to production, with one adaptive digital system.
— Principal Scientist, Epibiome

Speed, transparency and flexibility in scientific process design and data analysis

Design your scientific processes and data systems in minutes.  When you need to adapt, the Riffyn SDE automatically updates its data storage, capture and analytics to ensure you continue your experiments with minimal disruption. Both the process and data are instantly shareable with collaborators.


Shorter R&D cycles

The Riffyn SDE shortens R&D cycle times by integrating and analyzing data instantly across multiple experimental processes. Cycle time is further reduced by enabling process evolution without ongoing software development.

R&D objective Riffyn SDE Legacy
Design new, or map existing, scientific or production process 30 min to 1 wk Not available
Version control process and experiment designs Instant Not available
Design an experiment on a process 30 min Not available
Build data parsing system for any instrument data 5 min 4 - 24 wks
Create a database to track process parameters and measurement data Instant 12 - 52 wks
Change database to match process changes Instant 1 - 12 wks
Integrate data across R&D operations for root-cause investigation 5 min 2 - 12 wks
Integrate hundreds of experiments across time, scale 5 min 1 - 12 wks
Format data for analysis 5 min 1 day
Transfer a process between R&D functions or scales Instant 4 wks

Times are based on experiences of current Riffyn customers


The Riffyn SDE's patented technology reshapes and prepares experimental data for machine learning

Every process parameter and data point is reshaped into a standard statistical data frame that can be analyzed in any data processing pipeline, statistics engine or visualization software. This enables instant assessment of process and data quality and causal relationships. 

  • Error / variance analysis
  • Statistical process control
  • Multivariate regression
  • Hit picking
  • Material genealogy
  • Root cause analysis

Data Quality & Data Integration Means Scientific Discovery

Aggregation of annotated, high-quality data across dozens of experiments reveals unexpected correlations and causes not apparent in single-experiment data sets.

aggregating experiments shows correlations.png

Real-time data streaming to corporate data lakes

Each experiment in Riffyn produces a uniformly structured and flattened data frame that can be synchronized in real-time into parallelized data storage systems such as a Hadoop cluster. The Riffyn data tables provide unique identifiers for all experimental materials allowing material traceability and linking across an organization's R&D processes. Thus Riffyn forms the structural backbone for global data aggregation and data analytics pipelines.


Eliminating Unexpected Variation

It starts with seeing variation unambiguously, so you can uncover and correct the causes. As Riffyn discovered in the first 6 weeks for one customer, you too will discover and correct variation that you never knew existed and never knew was holding you back.

site-to-site variation white line.png

Bottom Line: Greater R&D Productivity

As it was for manufacturing, the methods of quality, error reduction, and statistical data analytics are delivering a leap in the pace of R&D. The Riffyn SDE will bring those gains to your organization by exposing the root causes of error, identifying unexpected correlations and delivering right-first-time technology scale-up. 

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