Speed & Performance Across the R&D Lifecycle



Double the Pace of Your R&D


Design Your Processes & Workflows

Create one shareable design file that captures your product specifications, process design, unit operations, electronic work instructions, batch parameters, and experiment or study design. 

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Collaborate on Experiments & Batches

Collect experiment and batch data in parallel with anyone around the world in real-time. Instantly share, evolve and transfer your processes parameters, product specifications, and measurement data between R&D and manufacturing teams.

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Clean & Integrate Data

Click a button to fetch your cleaned and contextualized data — data that's automatically integrated across teams, batches and unit operations for analysis of control charts, exceptions and root causes of deviations.

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Change When You Want

Stop waiting for IT to build you a new database. Change your process design as you work — both before or during experiments and batches. You can keep capturing data and making analyses without interruption.

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Simplify Your IT Landscape

Reduce the number of applications at your organization by using Riffyn across scientific domains. Stream vendor-neutral, structured data to and from anywhere (data lake, visualization tool, data pipeline).

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Stay Compliant With Ease

Get a global data management system that is compliant with 21CFR11 regulatory requirements. Get easy access to audit logs and use your existing SSO infrastructure to monitor use access.

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“Riffyn’s unique process-oriented architecture joins our experimental methods and results from collaborating teams on three continents, and aggregates it in real-time for structured data analysis.”
Director of Scientific Data Management & Analysis

Transforming R&D Productivity

Riffyn SDE will bring a leap in the pace of you R&D by helping you harness the same principles of quality, error reduction, and statistical data analytics that transformed manufacturing. 



Riffyn SDE is for Global R&D in Process-based Industries

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Biologics & Pharmaceuticals

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Industrial Biotech & Materials

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Food Products


Why We Built Riffyn

The problem is getting clean, integrated data so we can do science.


Once upon a time, breakthrough discoveries occurred when scientists like Alexander Fleming noticed the halo of dead bacteria surrounding a mold colony.

But today's breakthroughs often go unnoticed because they are buried in uninterpretable spreadsheets, inaccessible data, or excessive experimental noise.

Riffyn’s mission is to unlock the full potential of today’s science by delivering clean, connected, meaningful data the moment it is collected.

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