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Bridget Smith

Site-specific mutation quality & diversity

Molecular biology
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Site-specific mutation quality & diversity

Problem: Molecular biology team needed to assess their mutagenesis pipeline for efficiency and diversity generation in libraries.

Solution with Riffyn: JMP-based dashboard generates per-library quality stats:

• overall rate of site-specific mutation uptake

• a distribution of specific AA modifications in mutants

• diversity calculations

Impact: This saves the team ~20 hours of collation and analysis per library

Dashboard of targeted mutagenesis library quality

New capability with Riffyn + JMP: Enables selection and download multiple libraries of data from Riffyn Nexus and generation of a dashboard with mutation rates as a function of library targets.

Impact: Saves customer 20-30 hours across numerous libraries generated.

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Bridget Smith

Scientist at Riffyn. Protein Biochemist for 4 years previously.