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Zoey Herm

Shelf lyophilizer quality variation

Using Riffyn Nexus with

Data drill-down into lyophilizer quality variation

Problem: An R&D group was concerned that a lyophilizer would incompletely dry samples spread out over large trays and introduce manufacturing quality variations.

Before Riffyn: The team mapped moisture content onto lyophilizer locations through a laborious series of preparative steps, measurements, and manual data processing.

Solution with Riffyn: Now Riffyn Nexus automatically integrates and links data to calculate results, then feeds a JMP AddIn for visualization.

Riffyn Nexus advantage: Interactive drill-down on the sample positions of the visualization selects the underlying fully-linked data, which can be further analyzed for root cause of performance.

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Zoey Herm

Senior Scientist at Riffyn. Chemist for 12 years previously.