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Webinar (now on-demand): Reshaping the 'experiment' for 21st century science

JMP Feb11

In this on-demand keynote presentation hosted by JMP, Tim Gardner illustrates why science needs to shift from a binary hypothesis-driven approach to a multivariate model-driven experimental paradigm powered by DoE and supported by tools like JMP and Riffyn. It is followed by a panel discussion where you can learn about DOE, why more organizations don't take advantage of it, and how you can use it to make more effective use of your time, money and resources so you can do more of what you love: science.

Keynote Speaker:

Tim Gardner, CEO, Riffyn


Dirk de Bruyn Ouboter, Platform Lead for Electronic Data Capture, Syngenta
Sarah Timp
, Lab Manager Media Development, Alvotech
Victor Guiller
, R&D Engineer, FUCHS