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Distinguished Scientist Lecture with Dr. Muhammad Zaman

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This event has concluded. Click here to watch the replay.

In this Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series virtual seminar, Dr. Muhammad Zaman — Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor of Biomedical Engineering and International Health at Boston University — will discuss how the long-standing public health emergency known as antimicrobial resistance can inform us of future public health emergencies such as the pandemic we are currently experiencing.

Dr. Zaman will be introduced by Daria Hazuda, Vice President for Infectious Diseases Discovery at Merck and Chief Scientific Officer of the MRL Cambridge Exploratory Science Center. The 30-minute presentation will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session moderated by Riffyn CEO Tim Gardner.

About the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series:

Riffyn's mission is to make science work better by enhancing scientific quality, data sharing, and data reuse.

In addition, an aim of Riffyn’s Diversity Program is to highlight individuals in distinguished roles that come from diverse backgrounds in order to inspire and educate our team and our community. In service of both of these aims, we initiated a Distinguished Lecture Series to honor and highlight the greatest scientific minds from underrepresented social, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, varied places, and diverse experiences.

Co-hosting with Merck, we invite speakers share their scientific works and social perspectives and to illustrate the positive impacts of science on our lives and our planet. Through this series, we offer employees, customers, and the general public an opportunity to learn about the latest advances of science and its impact on our lives.