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Introduction to Riffyn Nexus — a software walkthrough video series

Trusted by top biopharma and biotech companies, Riffyn Nexus™ is the leading cloud platform for intelligent process development. Its unique process-centric approach helps R&D teams bring products to market faster.

In the Introduction to Riffyn Nexus video series, Riffyn CEO Tim Gardner walks you through the core capabilities of Riffyn Nexus using a fermentation process as an example.

Learn how a Process Data System enables faster process improvement and insights in Part 1. Then, dive into the following steps in a fermentation process:

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    Part 2: Structuring experiments as processes (watch time 02:36 mins)

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    Part 3: Capturing data (watch time 03:29 mins)

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    Part 4: Combining and exporting data (watch time 03:25 mins)

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    Part 5: Applying optimal design of experiments (watch time 04:13 mins)

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