Case Study: Animal Pharmacokinetics Study


Tim Gardner, Riffyn’s CEO, demonstrates a pharmacokinetics study using Riffyn SDE.

Drug Dosing

This video illustrates the use of Riffyn to execute an Animal PK study, including multivariate data analysis.  

The aim of this study is to determine the impact of various animal and dosing characteristics on the absorption of a therapeutic compound into the bloodstream. Analytical data on blood concentration is collected into Riffyn alongside study data characterizing the animal physiology and dosing parameters. Riffyn is used to automatically integrate the data into a statistical data frame and then feed the data frame to JMP for multivariate analysis. Two factors are determined to have a statistically significant impact on adsorption, one is shown to be irrelevant.


Riffyn SDE gives a visual mapping between procedural steps and can link each dosing and feeding paths (oral, intraveinus) with each of the designated animals. 

The data from the study can be easily analyzed to identify key trends.  In this study, the speed of absorption between each of the doses, animal, and administration pathway.

This type of statistical analysis is very easy with Riffyn because all of the underlying data across the entire experiment is prepared and exported in a statistical data table that can be opened inside your preferred analysis program.
— Tim Gardner, CEO of Riffyn

An analysis of the data for this study shows that animal gender has no impact on absorption but the route and animal type (diabetic vs not diabetic) have significant impact. 

Key Features

Process design

Data collection & joining

Statistical analysis with JMP




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