Case Study

A Chemical Producer Reinvents Its Strain Development Pipeline With Riffyn Nexus®

A global chemical producer used Riffyn Nexus to reinvent the entire data management system for their white biotechnology division and transform their R&D processes. Here is their story.


  • Reliance on inflexible LIMS systems
  • Aging software packages for data management and analysis
  • Countless Excel spreadsheets prohibited process-wide analysis


  • Spreadsheets and LIMS systems eliminated
  • Workflow genealogy easily tracked
  • Automatic sample tracking
  • Seamless integration of Riffyn Nexus with other applications

About the Project


100,001-200,000 Employees
Process Riffyn Addressed
Elimination of aging LIMS systems, software updates, and manually curated spreadsheets by completely digitizing scientific processes and data capture

Technical Details

White biotechnology
Molecular biologyCell culture / ScreeningAnalytical chemistry

Change is hard — and a full digital transformation can be monumental. But the payoff can be worth it, especially when Riffyn helps make that change easier. A global chemical producer used Riffyn Nexus to reinvent the entire data management system for their white biotechnology division and transform their R&D processes. Here is their story, and how you too can reinvent your R&D through with a digital backbone for connected science.

The Challenge

Prior to testing Riffyn Nexus in a proof of concept trial, our customer experienced most of the pain points that plague a modern R&D laboratory. They relied heavily on multiple LIMS systems, which are inflexible, difficult to expand and modify, and lacked modularity. Any necessary expansions and modifications required expensive updates through a software provider. To make things worse, several software packages for data management and analysis were aging, quickly approaching the point at which updates would no longer be developed.

Many groups within the division also relied on numerous Excel spreadsheets. This approach not only increased the potential for human-error, but made process-wide analysis next to impossible. It was also nearly impossible to access or compile historical data and use it to inform important R&D decisions or future experimental approaches. Our customer was effectively unable to track the full genealogy of a product candidate through development — from DNA to final product.

The Riffyn Nexus Solution

The Riffyn Science team worked with our customer to reinvent their R&D pipeline. Because of its flexibility and wide range of capabilities, Riffyn Nexus captured large portions of the company’s R&D pipeline, including core processes in molecular biology, high-throughput screening, enzymology, fermentation, purification, and analytical chemistry. It became the hub of our customer's new data ecosystem — replacing older out of date software. And it seamlessly integrated with other applications in the company's re-engineered data ecosystem via the Riffyn API.

With Riffyn Nexus as the digital backbone of their transformed R&D pipeline, our customer no longer relies on spreadsheets and aging LIMS systems. Instead, Riffyn Nexus facilitates data collection and contextualization for automated, real-time analytics. Now the company can track workflow genealogy quickly and easily entirely throughout development. All samples are tracked automatically through processes and experiments, and historical data are easily aggregated across time and experiments for new insights into the R&D process.