Case Study

A Biopharma Company Saves 2400 Hours in qPCR Assays With Riffyn Nexus®

What would 2400 hours over the course of a year buy you for your R&D processes? This is exactly the amount of time saved by a four-person team at a global pharmaceutical company when they used Riffyn Nexus to streamline their bioassay process. Here’s how they did it — and how your own teams can save time using Riffyn Nexus.


  • Manual curation of assay inventory
  • Multiple versions of XL submission forms
  • Data pipeline with multiple redundant systems
  • Inability to aggregate historical data


  • Automatic, digital assay database curation
  • Individual instances of working documents
  • Simple, two-step process with no redundancy
  • Access to all historical data

About the Project


50,001-100,000 Employees
Process Riffyn Addressed
Digital transformation of qPCR-based bioassay workflows to increase reproducibility

Technical Details

Molecular biologyBioassays

The Challenge

As part of their bioassay core service, our customer ran and logged 10,000 qPCR assays annually. A large amount of data — primer pairs ordered from an online vendor, assay numbers, raw data, sample information, and inventory data — was collected and stored in various spreadsheets throughout the entire process from start to finish. The data pipeline was cumbersome, as people were required to copy-paste information from websites into spreadsheets, and to manually collate data from multiple sheets for analysis after running assays. Multiple versions of various XL submission forms further complicated data tracking, and it was impossible to aggregate historical data to learn from prior studies.

Bioassay CS 2

Two-process workflow in Riffyn Nexus for qPCR assay inventory, selection, assay request, sample tracking, data collection and analysis.

The Riffyn Nexus Solution

Using Riffyn Nexus, the customer transformed their siloed data, converting their data pipeline into a two-process workflow for handling inventory and execution.This allowed the customer to easily populate and query a qPCR assay database without the need for manually curated or duplicated spreadsheets. And through the use of an integrated Spotfire dashboard and JMP tools, they could query the database in real time, pass assays directly into the Riffyn Nexus workflow for execution, and visualize and analyze results immediately. This simplified the process, enabled the customer to easily access and reference historical data, and enabled reproducible experiments.

There are 8760 hours in a year. Eliminating 2400 hours of wasted effort, the customer freed up nearly a quarter of a year, enabling their scientists to focus on, well, science. They could finally work on valuable backlogged projects to grow other areas of the company.