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Imperial College London Scientists Use Riffyn Nexus to Develop a COVID-19 Diagnostic in Only 9 Weeks

Using Riffyn Nexus together with JMP and other tools, Imperial College London developed, validated, and rolled out a reagent- and instrument-agnostic COVID-19 diagnostic assay in only 9 weeks.

The results of this work were published in September 2020 in Nature Communications.

Molecular biology
Novozymes Delivers Four Break-Through Biofuels Products To Market in Half the Development Time

In 2017, Novozymes implemented Riffyn SDE to enable advanced lab automation, custom data processing and a revamped analytics pipeline in support of their advanced biofuels yeast product portfolio. This digital R&D infrastructure enhancement resulted in transformative workflows.

Molecular biology
Cell culture / Screening
A Chemical Producer Reinvents Its Strain Development Pipeline With Riffyn Nexus

A global chemical producer used Riffyn Nexus to reinvent the entire data management system for their white biotechnology division and transform their R&D processes. Here is their story.

Molecular biology
Cell culture / Screening
Analytical chemistry
A Biotech Giant Slashes Fermentation Data Analysis Time 20-Fold With Riffyn Nexus

“It used to take a scientist 40 hours to manage three weeks of experiment data. With Riffyn Nexus it can now be done in one or two hours.” — Riffyn customer

Upstream bioprocessing
Analytical chemistry
A Biopharma Company Saves 2400 Hours in qPCR Assays With Riffyn Nexus

What would 2400 hours over the course of a year buy you for your R&D processes? This is exactly the amount of time saved by a four-person team at a global pharmaceutical company when they used Riffyn Nexus to streamline their bioassay process. Here’s how they did it — and how your own teams can save time using Riffyn Nexus.

Molecular biology
A Pharma Company Saves 16 Hours Per Solid Dose Formulation Experiment with Riffyn Nexus

Using Riffyn Nexus, a global oral solid dose manufacturer was able to connect data across process steps in a matter of minutes instead of the 16 hours of error-prone effort it previously required. This allowed on-demand investigations of cause-and-effect that delivered significant new process insights.

An Animal Nutrition Company Reduces Animal Usage by 80% Using Riffyn Nexus

Using Riffyn Nexus, an animal nutrition company was able to reduce the number of animals used in experimental trials by 80%, not only a significant savings in animal husbandry labor and feed, but also the elimination of unnecessary use of animals. Here’s how they did it.

Animal trials

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Contextualizing and connecting data across formulations and analytical processes saved scientists 16 hours of time per experiment and delivered novel insights into their process design space

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