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Riffyn is on a mission to reshape science

Once upon a time, breakthrough discoveries occurred when scientists like Alexander Fleming noticed the halo of dead bacteria surrounding a mold colony. But today's breakthroughs often go unnoticed because they are buried in uninterpretable spreadsheets, inaccessible data, or excessive experimental noise. Riffyn’s mission is to unlock the full potential of today’s science by delivering clean, connected, meaningful data the moment it is collected.

We’re looking for inspired people to help pioneer the future

We treasure both autonomy and collaboration.  We work hard to create an environment that rewards achievement and values others’ perspectives. We are a mission-driven team striving to reshape the foundations of scientific discovery.


Open Positions at Riffyn

We’re looking for inspired geniuses

We are looking for people that want to bring the best, learn from the best, and create the best. That doesn’t mean you scored 180 on an IQ test. That means you are expert in your craft because you love what you do, you know you can get better, and you are constantly looking for the boundary of possibility.  

Our principles

We aim to make them easy to remember, aspire to, and act on.

  • Add value

  • No bullshit

  • Simplify

  • Change is good

  • Smile


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