Unit woes are so yesterday

Embriette Hyde

Units ... you can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em. They are an essential part of science — you literally can’t do experiments without them — yet they are also a significant cause of frustration and headache. Certainly you’ve banged your head against the wall sorting through all of the units used in a set of experiments, converting units, and error checking to make sure every last correction was made and made correctly. The process can leave you feeling lost, disabled, and, quite frankly, is a time sink.

But not to worry anymore — relief is here at last! With the latest release (v4.0) of Riffyn Nexus, your unit woes are a thing of the past. Say hello to faster data analysis, reduced error, and big time savings!

Unit definition: In v4.0, user-entered units are validated against SI base units before you are allowed to add them. If they can be parsed into an SI base unit, then you are good to go. This change ensures only real and interconvertible units are used and that your numerical data is meaningful. (Don’t worry, if you are inventing new units of measure, you can still do that.)

Automatic unit conversion: In v4.0, users can now change a property’s unit at any time, and your data will automatically update to reflect the new unit on process designs, displayed data, calculated data, and exported data. That means you don’t need to re-enter existing data if you do change a unit, nor worry about errors.

But we didn’t stop at units. There are even more ways to make your scientific life easier with Riffyn Nexus v4.0. For example, now you can create and modify process designs automatically — our API now supports full programmatic design operations. This means external design and data systems can automate process design operations (don't be afraid to think big here — as in closed-loop, AI-driven process improvement). And building multi-team, modular workflows gets even easier — now you can connect steps, groups, and linked processes using non-matching resource types. This allows for much more flexibility in process design and simplifies creating modular processes.

And there’s MORE! With other upgrades like movable modals, embeddable hyperlinks, and more, we’re certain you’ll barely be able to contain your excitement :) when it comes time to design and run your next experiment. Learn about all of the v4.0 upgrades in our full release notes.

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