Ten ways Riffyn Nexus makes R&D life better

Embriette Hyde

1. Track samples with your eyes closed (almost)

With Riffyn Nexus, you can track your samples systematically and name samples automatically with a formula. You can even create aliases to simplify naming conventions when names can become confusingly long — for example, submitting a fermentation sample for HPLC analysis. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too — all your samples, regardless of name, are automatically and uniquely tracked through Riffyn’s process genealogy for all eternity so both you and your AI companions can digest them. Now you can stop running a weekly seance to determine what’s actually inside that “Sample001” or “Tank 1 - R1.”.

2. Make complex 50+ page protocols a thing of the past

It is impossible to track what you or team-mate has done by poring through complex, 50 page protocols — especially if they don’t exist in a digital format. With Riffyn Nexus, you no longer have to search through protocols and notebooks to figure out how something was done. Instead, you can see experimental data right next to all your processing parameters, formulas, and procedural details — including videos demonstrating how to perform a specific task. It’s true that you’ll lose out on the sleep aid of reading dozens of pages of scintillating procedures before bed. But, you’ll rest soundly, knowing that your workflow is captured completely, accurately, and permanently in an easy-to-use visual format.

3. Take the pain out of plate transfers

If you’ve ever had to transfer the contents of 96-well plates to 384-well plates, or vice versa, you know how difficult, time consuming, and error-prone that can be. With Riffyn Nexus, you can perform complex quadrant transfers such as these with the click of a mouse, and without the risk of human error. And, plates can be easily stamped onto new plates automatically. Say goodbye to repetitive stress injuries due to click-dragging tables in Excel. Use that wrist to give colleagues high-fives to celebrate your improved efficiency!

4. Let’s get digital, digital

With Riffyn Nexus’ visual interface you can easily track materials across an entire experiment, from reagent and equipment preparation through reactions or treatment steps to analytical chemistry and clean-up. Instead of poring through technical, printed protocols, you can simply click across a visual experimental overview and see the data already linked together in a chain of causality. You can understand how materials were split or pooled to feed into downstream steps to see what might be affecting your downstream results, or see which materials never even made it past step one. No more clowning around trying to track samples across complex workflows. You can save your juggling skills for your circus career!

5. Stop getting lost in the data cleaning forest

You might upload an Excel file, while your colleague prefers .txt files, and others prefer to access data via SQL queries of a data historian — but that’s no problem for Riffyn Nexus. It automatically parses and merges the data from all sources into a single, analysis-ready data table — in seconds. No more languishing in the fires of Exc(h)el(l) … or the purgatory of fighting with your colleagues over data formats.

6. Track inventory with ease

Have you ever wished you could identify all experimental procedures in which a certain buffer or media was used? With Riffyn Nexus, you can instantly view your inventory and important details such as lot numbers, individuals who purchased or prepped, concentrations, in which processes the inventory was used — pretty much everything you could need to know at one point or another. Now you can stop asking your colleagues “you used what where, exactly? And why? And WHEN?!”

7. Topple the tower of Babel

It’s no secret — some people have a way with words. Others, not so much. Make communication simple with Riffyn Nexus, where all teams collaborating on a project have access to the same experimental designs, files, and data — any time, any where. Riffyn Nexus’ ontologies (i.e., customizable dictionaries) eliminate cross-team confusion caused by multiple names for the same thing. And because of that, everyone can access historical data consistently to identify experimental variables that may contribute to unexpected results, and to inform future studies.

8. Bulldoze data silos

Have you ever spent time trying to track down which material outputs from fermentation went through which analytical chemistry steps? Being able to track materials across complex processes and across multiple teams can speed scientific discovery — but is usually hindered by siloed experimental details and data. Eliminate that problem with Riffyn Nexus: with a clean, simple interface you can use to quickly and easily visualize and assemble subprocesses into complex processes and track materials across the entire experimental ecosystem. Silos are for grain and nuclear fallout shelters. Keep them out of your data pipeline.

9. Eliminate file hide n’ seek

With collaborative experiments, data often exists in many different shapes and forms and on multiple personal computers — Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, .txt files, and more. Trying to gather these files from their disparate locations can be a laborious task, and there is inevitably that one file that is lost forever. With Riffyn Nexus, all of your experimental data — protocols, materials, raw data, and analysis files — are easily accessible and placed into meaningful context next to each other. Your own scientific brilliance will no longer be impaired by waiting for your colleague to finish making their double-vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, fructose-free, stevia-sweetened, organic (except for the stevia), wheat-grass energy shake.

10. Make the power of DoE real

Easter Bunny. Santa Claus. Successful DoE. People are often shocked to learn that Design of Experiments (DoE) is not just a fairy tale concept — it’s very real, we promise! With Riffyn Nexus, you can experience the power of DoE and what it can help you accomplish. And once you’ve had a chance to run one DoE successfully, you’ll be thinking “D’oe, why hadn’t I done that sooner?!” like our favorite father of Springfield (it turns out DoE is super popular at the nuclear plant!).