Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template

Riffyn Team

Tibco Spotfire is one of the most popular visualization applications within R&D organizations. It’s an easy to use application that allows users to import data sets from databases or data files and visualize and analyze their contents. It is used extensively to visualize data points and create operational dashboards.

Many Riffyn customers use Spotfire as their primary data visualization software. To support these efforts, we have created the Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template to serve as a starting point for creating dashboards that import Riffyn data as a Data Tables.

Here’s a video tutorial on how this works.

Riffyn users can download the Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template and use the embedded form to import datasets from Riffyn. When a dataset is imported from Riffyn, it will appear as a Data Table from which any visualization can be created.

Riffyn Spotfire Plugin Code Screenshot 2018-07-20.png

The Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template uses an embedded IronPython script to connect to the Riffyn REST API to import the indicated data.

Riffyn is providing this starter template open source with MIT license: users are free to update and modify the code for their needs.

For the latest updates and step-by-step instructions on how to use the Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template, users of Riffyn can find details in our help center.

Need more help using Riffyn tools? Give us a shout at hello@riffyn.com.