Riffyn Launches Open Access for Scientists at Non-Profits

Timothy Gardner

Note: The Open Access program has been obsoleted in April 2021.

“Data that goes into a database should obey what I call the CAP principle. It should be complete, it should be accurate, and it should be permanent, so you never have to do it again. Otherwise, there’s no progress.”

— Sydney Brenner, Nobel Laureate [1]

Today we have reached a profound milestone. With our collaborators at Technical University Delft, we have published in Scientific Data the first-ever use of the Riffyn Scientific Development Environment (SDE) to define, capture, analyze, and share an elaborate set of scientific experiments. Our publication did not include standard materials and methods in the body of the publication because they were fully articulated, in association with the data and analytical code, within the Riffyn SDE experiments themselves. Moreover, the experiments in Riffyn SDE are fully computable, downloadable, testable, and reusable by others.

Riffyn SDE represents a paradigm shift in the specification of scientific procedures — one that delivers experimental methods, their associated data, and their analysis scripts in a modular, reusable, and instantly computable digital medium. Riffyn SDE offers a means to share scientific experiments and data the way programmers share source code. It offers a means to design scientific experiments the way car designers draw parts in their CAD systems. Riffyn SDE aims to make transparent, reproducible, collaborative science both accessible and routine for practicing scientists.

Riffyn SDE is the product of our singular mission — to improve the very foundation of modern science by enhancing the toolset for conducting the scientific method. The need for such advances are abundantly clear. They are driven by a crisis in reproducibility, eroding public trust in science, demands for more cost-efficient drug development, and demands for cleaner, more sustainable food, material and chemical products. We believe Riffyn SDE offers a powerful and pragmatic approach to address such problems.

But there is one problem. Until today, Riffyn SDE was available only to paid subscribers. It is quite obvious to us that this closed posture of Riffyn SDE is incompatible with our mission to reshape and improve modern scientific practices.

And so, to correct this problem and to celebrate our milestone, we are making Riffyn SDE Open Access. Any person affiliated with a non-profit organization, whose mission aligns with Riffyn’s values — notably a commitment to truth, integrity, democratic discourse, diversity of ideas and cultures, equal opportunity, and social and environmental stewardship — can obtain free access to a full-featured account on Riffyn SDE cloud, and any public experiments published there. You can request an account here.

We note that Riffyn SDE was always architected with openness, accessibility, and collaboration in mind. To that end, Riffyn SDE offers real-time concurrent editing, a collaborative sharing model, a full REST API for programmatic access, Add-Ins for JMP, Python, Tableau, and Spotfire, and a vendor-neutral CSV export format for all data.

Riffyn SDE’s features and useability are also being continuously updated and advanced. As a user of Riffyn SDE you will receive these growing capabilities automatically.

Riffyn prioritizes data security and data confidentiality. Your data is protected by triple redundancy, static backups multiple times a day, real-time failover protection, and best-in-class security hardening.

As always, feel free to share your questions and experiences with us at hello@riffyn.com.

[1] Duncan, DE. (2004 Apr) Discover Dialogue: Sydney Brenner. Retrieved from http://discovermagazine.com/2004/apr/discover-dialogue/