Riffyn Nexus Now Integrates with OSIsoft PI Server

Riffyn Team

OSIsoft PI Server® software provides real-time data infrastructure with best-in-class abilities to collect and contextualize sensor data for insight, trends, and analytics. Many scientists at Riffyn customer sites rely on PI Server as a primary data source for fermentation performance and real-time analysis. But this is not the only source of data. These scientists need to integrate their data from PI Server with that from other groups, unit operations, scientific workflows and instrumentation within their R&D organization. Riffyn now addresses this need via out-of-the-box integration with PI Server – allowing PI Server data to be captured and integrated with any other data in Riffyn Nexus, including material preparation data, batch records, parameter settings, and offline analytical chemistry data.

Riffyn offers the Data Agent, a software application that runs within a customer firewall, to establish a secure, one-way connection from local data sources like PI Server to Riffyn Nexus. At launch, Riffyn Nexus supported four of the most popular relational database formats including Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL. The Data Agent’s plug-in architecture allows it extended to support connections many different types of on-site databases. Riffyn has created its latest plug-in for OSIsoft PI Server.

With the addition of support for PI Server, Riffyn customers can import operational data from PI Server through the Data Agent and join it with results from across their product development life cycle.

Riffyn’s R&D customers are rapidly turning toward machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods to accelerate their learning from data. ML and AI pipelines require structured, standardized, annotated, and joined data sets to gain usable results. But R&D organizations typically collect data within a variety of structured and unstructured data repositories making access to data a major barrier to ML and AI. Riffyn was designed to address this problem by automatically generating structured, annotated, and joined data sets from disparate data sources.

Riffyn expects to continue to expand its Data Agent connectivity. We anticipate developing connections for the most popular data generating devices for which our customers gain significant value. If you have a request for integration with a particular data source, let us know at support@riffyn.com.