Riffyn Breaks New Ground in Scientific Data & Sharing

Timothy Gardner

Just a few miles away from the birthplace of microbiology, the Pronk Lab in the Department of Industrial Microbiology at Technical University Delft, has completed a complex study of yeast physiology using Riffyn Nexus (formerly Riffyn SDE). This is a first-of-kind use of Riffyn Nexus for scientific publishing and sharing of experimental methods and data. The study is a major milestone toward Riffyn's vision of a new medium for creating and communicating scientific experiments.

The study will appear in the journal Scientific Data on October 2, 2018. Check our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds in October for more. On October 3, we'll also be making an exciting announcement of interest to scientists at non-profit research institutions.

The Delft study utilized Riffyn Nexus to fully define, capture, analyze, and publish scientific experiments in much the same way that CAD software is used to design, test and improve discrete products. Notably, the Scientific Data article replaced its standard materials and methods section with a link to the experiments and data in Riffyn Nexus itself.

Riffyn Nexus delivers all the experimental methods, their associated data, and their analysis scripts in a modular, reusable, and instantly computable digital medium.