Novozymes Delivers Four Breakthrough Biofuels Products to Market in Half the Normal Development Time with Transformative Digital Infrastructure

Timothy Gardner

Can you imagine cutting product development time by 50% using half the personnel in one of your R&D projects? That’s just what Novozymes yeast teams did when they implemented Riffyn Nexus (Riffyn SDE) to enable advanced lab automation and custom data processing in support of their advanced yeast biofuels product portfolio. Novozymes delivered four breakthrough strains to the biofuels market[1] in half the normal development time.

Novozymes is the world’s largest provider of enzyme and microbial technologies. Their products work magically behind the scenes of your daily life — cleaning your clothes in cold water, keeping your bread fresh, improving agricultural yields, synthesizing renewable fuel. In 2019 Novozymes, was recognized as the third most innovative company in the world in the biotechnology sector by the European patent office.

Starting in 2015, Novozymes implemented powerful lab automation systems and central data repository called a “Data Lake.” They also wanted to change the way they were handling data and make it more scalable and efficient. In 2017, they found what they needed in Riffyn Nexus, a flexible process data system that is able to capture, integrate and feed structured data from the lab operations to their analytics engine in real-time.

Riffyn was founded in 2014 with the belief, born of decades of experience, that there was a better way to approach scientific R&D workflows and data. The approach was deceptively simple — make the processes of R&D tangible, transparent and accessible to the scientists who operate them. If you make those processes transparent, they will improve. When they improve, they will deliver better data and better decisions. And with better decisions you get better science and you will create better products, faster.

In our past experiences, we saw this process-based approach accelerate R&D projects by a factor of two, three and four-fold. We founded Riffyn to create off-the-shelf software that would deliver the same outcomes anywhere. Thus was born Riffyn Nexus – the world’s first process data system. We have now realized our founding vision and mission to deliver better, faster science.

We are excited to share this new case study on how Riffyn Nexus (Riffyn SDE) helped Novozymes deliver four break-through biofuels products to market in half the normal development time.

Learn how Novozymes has been able to:

  • Slash product development time by 50% using half the personnel

  • Enter advanced yeast biofuels market with 4 breakthrough strains in 18 months

  • Increase in strain build and screening throughput by an order of magnitude

  • Enhance real-time collaboration on experiment design and data analytics across its sites


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