Introducing Riffyn’s Gallery of Analytics

Loren Perelman

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.” — Albert Einstein

When you toil tirelessly in the lab, accumulating data and making observations, your goal is to organize that information into a picture — a graph, a table, an image — that helps broaden our understanding of the world hidden in the sea of information you’ve gathered.

We on the Riffyn Science team partner with our customers to do just that — to help them make sense of the data, accelerate the ability to interpret it, and ultimately speed up the scientific discovery process.

On Riffyn’s Gallery of Analytics, we proudly showcase these works of scientific art made in partnership with our customers. And they truly are art, as they are not only beautiful, often colorful depictions of information; they are also the product of the tireless pursuit of truth by our customers. I am really delighted to share these works with you — each of them represents our dedication to delivering the greatest value to our customers in their R+D pursuits.

Loren Perelman's photo

Loren Perelman

Loren Perelman is the Vice President of Science at Riffyn where he leads a team of 20 scientists who deploy Riffyn solutions in customer sites. Prior to this he was Director of Manufacturing, Quality, and Analytics for Bolt Threads, overseeing a team in the development and routine utilization of analytical methods supporting protein-based materials. Loren has also worked as a Senior Scientist at Amyris and a Group Leader, Analytical Services – Fibrosis Team, at Nitto Denko Technical Corporation. He received his Ph.D. from UCSD and his B.S. from Harvey Mudd College.