Riffyn Launches v3.1, Scales for High Throughput Screening (HTS) Datasets

Alan Hanley

Riffyn's v3.1 originated as a project 18 months ago with the goal of providing more support for high throughput screening (HTS). HTS screening technologies are becoming more accessible and widely used resulting in an explosion of data to contend with. There is an urgent research need to increase productivity, automate more processes, and provide better data management.

In Riffyn Nexus (Riffyn SDE) v3.1, we are proud to release the first of our upgrades supporting HTS data. v3.1 can gracefully load tens of thousands of screening samples and data on each experimental step of each experiment in just seconds.

We had to overcome many technical hurdles to support the handling of HTS in a cloud and browser-based real-time data environment. Processing data at scale and transferring it seamlessly to multiple concurrent users around the globe in a browser is very difficult, even for the likes of Google, who themselves have invested enormously over the years to deliver accurate search results faster.

HTS is not unlike a Google search; it’s a particularly challenging workflow to scale. This wasn’t an easy development project, but it was worth every effort. Highlights from v3.1 include:

Increased productivity

Faster Run Loading. In HTS, the need to data load happens frequently. Waiting 30 seconds to accomplish this may seem inconsequential, however we recognized that a reduction would contribute significantly to productivity and user satisfaction. Now, in as little as 3 seconds, our users can request and display 10000 runs with 20 columns of data. A 10x improvement.

API File Upload. We’ve eliminated manual file upload for labs that want the ability to programmatically import structured files. With our new API endpoint, users can automatically bulk upload data or continuously stream file data to Riffyn as it is generated during the experiment!

Multi-Column Copy/Paste. Mouse user, keyboard user, or both, we made it much easier for any type of user to copy and paste data across multiple columns within Riffyn or between Riffyn and third-party applications such as Excel or Google sheets.

Better user experience

Process & Experiment Navigation Tree. Being able to visualize the evolution of processes and their associated experiments adds enormous value, especially for HTS. Our new navigation tree supports this and allows users to interact with elements of the tree to duplicate a version, create an experiment, export data, and much more.

New Process and Experiment Modals. We’ve streamlined the user experience of our process and experiment modals with more standardized components and layout for a better look and feel.

To learn more about how Riffyn solves HTS, contact us at hello@riffyn.com

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