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Riffyn SDE Now Integrates with OSIsoft PI Server
Riffyn Team
OSIsoft PI Server software provides real-time data infrastructure with best-in-class abilities to collect and contextualize sensor data for insight, trends, and analytics. Riffyn now provides out-of-the-box integration with PI Server.
Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template
Riffyn Team
Tibco Spotfire is one of the most popular visualization applications within R&D organizations. Many Riffyn customers use it as their primary data visualization software. To support these efforts, we have created the Riffyn Spotfire Starter Template as for creating dashboards that import Riffyn data.

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Your Assay Results May Be Wrong
Timothy Gardner
Researchers often take assay data at face value, assuming it’s accurate because it came out of an instrument. Here we explain why that can be dangerous, and how assay validation can make your science faster and better.
A Better Way to Hit-Pick Strains, Enzymes, and Anything Else
Timothy Gardner
Emphasis is placed on collecting and analyzing screening data to identify hits, but once hits are chosen, the selection criteria used to define hits is often lost. Riffyn allows users to associate decision criteria with hit data, enabling improved selection processes and faster product development.
Shaping Scientific Data is Like Growing a Square Tree
Riffyn Team
Scientific data are multi-dimensional with many complex relationships between samples, devices, and systems. Lab data look more like a tree with a network of relationships between data points than the two-dimensional “square” we need it to be in for machine learning and statistics.
Sep 21, 2020 – Sep 22, 2020
9:00 AM EDT

2020 Merck Technology Symposium

Riffyn CEO, Tim Gardner, will present on "A digital backbone to accelerate process development, analytical methods, and transfer to manufacturing." — Also visit our booth.

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Design of Experiments (DoE) Made Easy
Timothy Gardner
If you want to perform DoEs on your system but don’t know where to start, or if you regularly perform DoEs and are looking for a simple way to import your designs to Riffyn, check out this blog explaining DoEs, why they're powerful, and how DoE designs created in JMP® can easily be pushed to Riffyn.
Data is Like Ikea Furniture, It’s Best Shipped Flat
Loren Perelman
The key to analyzing data faster and more accurately is in the way we record and organize our data. Loren Perelman shows us the best way to organize our data for analysis and just might change your perspective on what constitutes a beautiful data table!
What is Machine Learning?
Timothy Gardner
If you’re confused about the differences between machine learning, AI, deep learning, supervised learning, or unsupervised learning, you’re not alone. This blog explains the differences, and reveals that you may have even been doing machine learning for years without even knowing it.


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