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Top 10 Riffyn Science Blog Posts in 2018
Riffyn Team
2018 was a record year for number of posts to the Discover Blog from the Riffyn team. We share the top blog posts in terms of views from this past year.
2018 Was a Breakout Year for Riffyn
Riffyn Team
In 2018, we dramatically advanced our mission to bring computer-aided-design to scientific experimentation. 

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Digital Publishing Isn't Enough: the Case for "Blueprints" in Scientific Communication
Timothy Gardner
If modern software engineering worked like science, programmers would not share open source code, they would take notes on their work and then publish long-form articles about their software. Months or years later, their colleagues would attempt to reproduce the software based on the article.
Riffyn Nexus: A Next-Generation Data System that Evolves with You
Riffyn Team

Given the nature of constantly evolving R&D processes, traditional LIMS systems are out of date the minute they are configured. Riffyn Nexus is designed to evolve as your process evolves. This blog explains how we do it and why many companies are saying “Good-bye LIMS. Hello Riffyn.”

Proactive and Reactive Strategies to Harness Your Data
Jack Morel
Data governance and data cleaning both fall under the category of “getting data ready for analysis," but the main difference is how and when these methodologies are applied.
Sep 21, 2020 – Sep 22, 2020
9:00 AM EDT

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Riffyn Nexus (Riffyn SDE) Published in a Ground-breaking Study in the Journal Scientific Data
Timothy Gardner
Riffyn SDE was created to address the crisis in scientific reproducibility and demands for more cost-efficient drug development. Its potential to transform the quality and reusability of scientific work was demonstrated in a study published in Scientific Data by Delft University of Technology.
Riffyn Launches Open Access for Scientists at Non-Profits
Timothy Gardner
To celebrate the ground-breaking publication of Riffyn SDE in the journal Scientific Data, Riffyn is launching Open Access which provides free use of the SDE for next-generation design and publishing of experiments.
Riffyn Breaks New Ground in Scientific Data & Sharing
Timothy Gardner
Just a few miles away from the birthplace of microbiology, the Pronk Lab in the Department of Industrial Microbiology at Technical University Delft has completed a complex study of yeast physiology using Riffyn SDE. This is a first-of-kind use of Riffyn SDE for scientific publishing.


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