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False Discovery Rate: The Most Important Scientific Tool You Were Never Taught
Timothy Gardner
As a full-time scientist you test a lot of hypotheses — a lot more than one per week. If you test tens or hundreds or even thousands of samples in a single experiment, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find many false positive results, in every experiment. So what can you do about it?
Understanding False Discovery Rate
Timothy Gardner
FDR is a very simple concept. It is the number of false discoveries in an experiment divided by total number of discoveries in that experiment. But there is a problem, you never know how many discoveries are actually real or false when you accepted them. So how do you estimate FDR from your data?
Understanding Family-Wise Error Rate
Timothy Gardner
Family-Wise Error Rate (FWER) is an approach for multiple testing correction. It is a scary sounding term, but it’s simply the probability that one or more of your “family” of multiple tests is false. FWER offers a generally more stringent approach than FDR to reduce your false findings.
Buried in Data and Starving for Information
Timothy Gardner

Since the time of Newton and Galileo, the tools for capturing and communicating science have remained conceptually unchanged. But these tools are wholly inadequate for the complexity of today’s scientific challenges. Riffyn created Riffyn Nexus to change that.

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