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Better Integration with More REST - A Riffyn Nexus API Upgrade
Embriette Hyde

Riffyn Nexus v4.2 upgrades its API to 2.0, a more RESTful API with the latest OpenAPI specification for better data integration.

Get to Machine-Learning Ready Data Faster with Export Subsetting
Embriette Hyde

Read how to make machine learning a reality for rapid process improvement, by exporting data into a usable format for analysis.

Better Data and Decision Making with Automatic Data Validation
Embriette Hyde

Data integrity in process development is critical to making the right decisions quickly. However, it is one of the major challenges facing science. Riffyn works closely with customers to solve this by making automatic data validation a reality in Riffyn Nexus.

Ten ways Riffyn Nexus makes R&D life better
Embriette Hyde

Here are ten easy ways to make R&D life better using Riffyn Nexus.

Unit woes are so yesterday
Embriette Hyde

Units...you can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em. They are an essential part of science — you literally can’t do experiments without them — yet they are also a significant cause of frustration and headache. With the latest release (v4.0) of Riffyn Nexus, your unit woes are a thing of the past.

The importance of controlled ontology
Embriette Hyde

Communication breakdowns are a major contributing factor to slowed scientific progress. Imagine how much headache could be saved if everyone worked off of a standardized vocabulary for naming and contextualizing. Such a solution does exist. It’s called ontology.

Riffyn Launches v3.1, Scales for High Throughput Screening (HTS) Datasets
Alan Hanley

In Riffyn Nexus v3.1, we are proud to release the first of our upgrades supporting HTS data. v3.1 can gracefully load tens of thousands of screening samples and data on each experimental step of each experiment in just seconds.

Riffyn Nexus: A Next-Generation Data System that Evolves with You
Riffyn Team

Given the nature of constantly evolving R&D processes, traditional LIMS systems are out of date the minute they are configured. Riffyn Nexus is designed to evolve as your process evolves. This blog explains how we do it and why many companies are saying “Good-bye LIMS. Hello Riffyn.”

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