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Process Development Data Innovations Are Speeding the Path to Market for Novel Therapies
Riffyn Team
The 6th Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development Conference (AccBio2019), hosted by AIChE from February 17-19, 2019 focused on the confluence of new therapy pathways, biologics process intensification, and using process development data to speed innovative therapies to market.
Process Models are Leading the Way in Bioprocess Development
Riffyn Team
The BioProcess International West conference, held in San Francisco CA from March 19-22 2018, reinforced the state of the bioprocess industry for biotech companies looking to accelerate and intensify their manufacturing processes. Here we discuss ways companies are taking action towards their goals.

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Shorter Time to Market is Reshaping Biopharma R&D
Riffyn Team
The Global Bioproduction Summit held in San Diego California from February 5-6, 2018 detailed the most pressing issues in biologics manufacturing. A dominant theme at this conference was drug makers’ focus on reducing the time to market for new drugs.


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