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Introducing Riffyn Nexus
Timothy Gardner

Our cloud-based Process Data System, formerly called Riffyn SDE, is now Riffyn Nexus. Since launch in 2016, it has since grown to fulfill our grand vision to be a hub of people, process, and data working together to build the future of science. As it grew, our original name seemed to fall short of the power and potential of this vision. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Riffyn Nexus.

Introducing the New Riffyn
Embriette Hyde

Riffyn began with the singular vision to create a better approach to scientific R&D. On Riffyn's 6th birthday, we are upgrading our brand to better communicate the exceptional impact we have had on our customers’ success, and the passion we have for our unique vision for a better path to scientific discovery. Our new identity better encompasses our immutable values, which underpin our success in marrying science and data science to transform the way science is done.

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2X faster to market

Novozymes delivers four break-through biofuels products to market in half the normal development time with transformative digital infrastructure.

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Novozymes Delivers Four Breakthrough Biofuels Products to Market in Half the Normal Development Time with Transformative Digital Infrastructure
Timothy Gardner
In this blog, we share a recently published case study discussing how Novozymes applied Riffyn as an integral part of their innovative digital backbone to deliver four break-through biofuels products to market in half the normal development time.
Riffyn Delivers FAIR Data for Machine Learning in R&D Organizations
Riffyn Team
In a recent interview with Peta Crunch, Riffyn Founder and CEO Timothy Gardner shares what Riffyn has accomplished and what its future will hold. Tim provides six examples of how Riffyn has helped customers achieve significant breakthroughs and the exciting direction the company is moving.
Riffyn Makes Machine Learning in Science an Everyday Reality
Riffyn Team
The barrier to unlocking the full potential of machine learning isn’t bad analytical tools or fear of statistics: it’s bad data resulting from poorly designed studies. Using scientific blueprints to organize people, process, tech, & data, Riffyn makes machine learning in science an everyday reality.
Sep 21, 2020 – Sep 22, 2020
9:00 AM EDT

2020 Merck Technology Symposium

Riffyn CEO, Tim Gardner, will present on "A digital backbone to accelerate process development, analytical methods, and transfer to manufacturing." — Also visit our booth.

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Top 10 Riffyn Science Blog Posts in 2018
Riffyn Team
2018 was a record year for number of posts to the Discover Blog from the Riffyn team. We share the top blog posts in terms of views from this past year.
2018 Was a Breakout Year for Riffyn
Riffyn Team
In 2018, we dramatically advanced our mission to bring computer-aided-design to scientific experimentation. 
Digital Publishing Isn't Enough: the Case for "Blueprints" in Scientific Communication
Timothy Gardner
If modern software engineering worked like science, programmers would not share open source code, they would take notes on their work and then publish long-form articles about their software. Months or years later, their colleagues would attempt to reproduce the software based on the article.


Fighting pandemics in the digital age

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