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GitHub for Science
Timothy Gardner

Designable process flows can serve as the source code for experiments and a foundation for a GitHub for science. In this post, we illustrate what we mean by “GitHub for Science” and how this could transform the way we advance scientific idea to manufactured products.

Source Code for Science
Timothy Gardner
Like people, ideas need to romance each other: they meet, mix and produce offspring. But sadly, the breeding of scientific ideas is being shortchanged. We need a new kind of dating app: a dating app for nerdy ideas. We need source code for science.

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2X faster to market

Novozymes delivers four break-through biofuels products to market in half the normal development time with transformative digital infrastructure.

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Super User Training Goes Virtual
Embriette Hyde
To offer Riffyn users a couch-friendly learning experience, last week (April 8-10) we offered for the very first time a live, virtual version of Super User training completely free of charge. And by all accounts, it was a resounding success!
Data Are Like Ikea Furniture: Best Shipped Flat
Loren Perelman

The key to analyzing data faster and more accurately is in the way we record and organize our data. Loren Perelman shows us the best way to organize our data for analysis and just might change your perspective on what constitutes a beautiful data table!

Riffyn Spotlights with Loren Perelman
Embriette Hyde
In our “Riffyn Spotlights” blog series, you can get to know the Riffyn team a bit better. We talk with VP of Science Loren Perelman about his past in analytical chemistry, his interest in bodybuilding and ballet, and what he’d like to see change about the way people engage in discussion.
Daniel guerra RQF6bb S4shw unsplash 1
Sep 9, 2020 – Sep 10, 2020
9:00 AM PDT

2020 Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology (CIB)

Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology is a workshop where industrial biotech thought leaders share their experiences and their views on current challenges.

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Novozymes Delivers Four Breakthrough Biofuels Products to Market in Half the Normal Development Time with Transformative Digital Infrastructure
Timothy Gardner
In this blog, we share a recently published case study discussing how Novozymes applied Riffyn as an integral part of their innovative digital backbone to deliver four break-through biofuels products to market in half the normal development time.
What Should My Business Do About Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Timothy Gardner
Here is a ten-step approach to reaching an informed, balanced and rational decision.
The Four Pillars of a Digital Ecosystem for R&D
John Conway
Talk of digital transformation is in the air. But is it all hype? Why does it seem so hard to achieve? In this blog post, John F. Conway, Riffyn’s Commercialization Officer, shares what Riffyn has learned about the four pillars that are essential in order to digitally transform an R&D organization.


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