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Author: Embriette Hyde

Get to Machine-Learning Ready Data Faster with Export Subsetting
Embriette Hyde

Read how to make machine learning a reality for rapid process improvement, by exporting data into a usable format for analysis.

Better Data and Decision Making with Automatic Data Validation
Embriette Hyde

Data integrity in process development is critical to making the right decisions quickly. However, it is one of the major challenges facing science. Riffyn works closely with customers to solve this by making automatic data validation a reality in Riffyn Nexus.

Riffyn Spotlights with DevOps Engineer Sam Gawthrop
Embriette Hyde

Get a peek into Riffyn's Culture and learn how Sam Gawthrop, Riffyn DevOps Engineer, is contributing to Earth Day efforts year-round through his volunteer work helping sick and injured seals and sea lions at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California.

Riffyn Spotlights with Riffyn Scientist Adi Lavy
Embriette Hyde

In the latest installment of our “Riffyn Spotlights” blog series, we talk with Scientist Adi Lavy about his past experience as a marine biologist, Riffyn’s culture of hard work toward things that matter, and his latest 3D-printing project.

Continuing the Discussion: Q&A on Building a "Lab of The Future" with Riffyn VP of Scientific Solutions Dr. Loren Perelman
Embriette Hyde

If you caught Astrix Technology Group’s February 18 webcast on “The Digital Laboratory: What the Future Holds” with Riffyn VP of Scientific Solutions Dr. Loren Perelman, you know how Riffyn Nexus™ can help you make your own digital transformation. There were some questions from the audience that Dr. Perelman couldn't answer due to time constraints, so we sat down with him to hear his answers — and we present them to you in this blog post.

Continuing the Discussion: Q&A on antimicrobial resistance and future pandemics with Dr. Muhammad Zaman
Embriette Hyde

Our first Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series seminar took place on Tuesday, March 2. Our guest speaker was Dr. Muhammad Zaman, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor of Biomedical Engineering and International Health at Boston University and author of the acclaimed book "The Biography of Resistance." In this blog post, we capture the eight key takeaways from Dr. Zaman’s lecture and his answers to questions that were not answered during the live event due to time constraints.

Riffyn Spotlights with Account Manager Leah Sanfilippo
Embriette Hyde

In our “Riffyn Spotlights” blog series, we’re giving you the chance to get to know the people of Riffyn that make our mission real. Today, we talk with Account Manager Leah Sanfilippo about her experience as a sales rep, why honesty is so important, and the world’s need for more compassion. Please note that answers have been edited for clarity.

Building Diversity: Doing What’s Right, Not What’s Easy
Embriette Hyde

Riffyn employees have vowed to take action to tangibly support equity and justice. Learn about new company holidays, the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series, and an outside-the-box employee training program that will keep us promoting diversity for years to come.

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