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Introducing Riffyn’s Gallery of Analytics

Loren Perelman

When you toil tirelessly in the lab, accumulating data and making observations, your goal is to organize that information into a literal picture — a graph, a table, an image — that helps broaden our understanding of the world hidden in the sea of information you’ve gathered. On Riffyn’s Gallery of Analytics, we proudly showcase these works of scientific art — and they truly are art, as they are not only beautiful, often colorful depictions of information; they are also the product of the tireless pursuit of truth by our customers.

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Riffyn Spotlights with Midnight Wilkinson
Embriette Hyde

In our “Riffyn Spotlights” blog series, we’re giving you the chance to get to know the people of Riffyn that make our mission real. Today, we talk with Operations and Recruitment Lead Midnight Wilkinson about her passion to help others, how she keeps Riffyn up and running, and why we need to eliminate “isms.” Please note that answers have been edited for clarity.

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How a digital backbone can transform industrial fermentation
Joseph Walker

While the industrial applications of fermentation continue to grow, underlying challenges to scaling up this fundamental process still remain. At the core of this lies a common challenge: a reliance on manual data collection and paper forms and notebooks, ad hoc process and parameter documentation, Excel spreadsheets with multiple versions that are difficult to track, inflexible ELNs and LIMs, and disparate data files from multiple instruments that are difficult to impossible to format and contextualize for statistical analysis. But there's hope: here's how a digital backbone can transform industrial fermentation.

Building a digital foundation for synthetic biology research
Embriette Hyde

Riffyn has partnered with Imperial College London to build digital foundations for accelerating synthetic biology research. Through this partnership, Riffyn Nexus will be available to all IC students and will be introduced to entrepreneurs at the London Biofoundry.

Fighting pandemics in the digital age
Embriette Hyde

Amidst the early COVID-19 chaos — when most of us were still in denial about the virus — two visionaries at Imperial College London started developing a new kind of COVID-19 test. Fully automated, scalable to thousands of tests per day, and reagent agnostic, the test workflow was developed, validated, and rolled out by the U.K. National Health Service to test 1,000 patient samples per day in only 9 weeks. Here's how they did it - and why the driving principles behind biofoundries and the advanced capabilities of Riffyn Nexus and other "lab of the future" systems were critical to their success.

Riffyn Spotlights with Joe Walker
Embriette Hyde

At Riffyn, we are proud that our customers see us as scientific partners. That’s because our mission is to help solve their deepest process and data challenges, and to deliver transformative long-term value. That commitment starts with people who care. In our latest “Riffyn Spotlights” blog series, we talk with scientist Joe Walker about his experience in the winemaking business, the self-confidence he’s gained working at Riffyn, and how different the world could be if everyone just had a little more empathy.

Ten ways Riffyn Nexus makes R&D life better
Embriette Hyde

Here are ten easy ways to make R&D life better using Riffyn Nexus.

Riffyn Spotlights with Bobby Brown
Embriette Hyde

In the latest installment of our "Riffyn Spotlights" blog series, we talk with D.C area-based Account Manager Bobby Brown III about his background in healthcare, his passion for building relationships, and his views on racial bias in healthcare.


Introducing Riffyn’s Gallery of Analytics

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