Riffyn Presentations

Introduction to Riffyn (video)

20 minute clip from a live presentation providing an intro and the rationale for our design-centric approach to solving the problems of data quality, data fragmentation and lack of transparency in process-based R&D.

Introduction to Riffyn (slides)

Slides from the above presentation.


Riffyn Demo Videos

Note - you may find it helpful to play videos at 2X speed. Use the settings in the lower right of the playback window.

Linking processes

Existing processes that you created or are shared with you can be reused as the building blocks for new processes by linking them.  When linked, material/sample flow and data collected is also linked together automatically between steps in the parent and linked processes.


Go back in time and view or start experiments on past versions of the process.  Version 'diamonds' show when in history a particular step or group of steps were changed.

Sharing and concurrency

Riffyn processes and experiments can be shared by inviting a user and choosing their access level.  After a user is added, process updates are reflected concurrently to anyone that is viewing the process at the same time.


Materials, equipment and samples in Riffyn processes can be propagated from step to step. This video shows how it is possible to design complex sample paths through alternate processing steps using the MEASURE mode sample planner. Here 88 samples are designed to be picked via a colony picking robot, and 8 samples picked by hand to a single 96-well plate.  All 96 samples are then propagated to the process end-point for incubation and measurement.

Joining and plotting of data

Experimental data can be joined together automatically across all steps, materials, experiments and process versions so that correlations may be studies. An example of a DoE experiment and resulting data is provided.

Viewing pictures and videos on steps

Illustration of the inclusion of pictures and videos on the protocol description of each process step

Creating a new process

A simple example of creating a cell culture process, adding steps, resources, properties and specs.  Illustrates the hierarchical design capabilities of Riffyn.

Export and third-party analysis of data

Riffyn is designed to export your data in statistical data tables - ready for immediate analysis in JMP, R, Spotfire or any other analytics tool. Riffyn cleans and joins the data before export, so you don't have to.