Riffyn was founded in 2014 by veterans from the life science and high-performance computing industries, and is headquartered in Oakland, California.  Riffyn’s mission is to deliver a step-change in the pace and quality of research and development in the life science, chemical and food industries – supporting organizations from early-stage discovery to manufacturing development and pre-clinical trials. 

Riffyn helps its customers harness best-in-class capabilities for experimental design, measurement systems, quality systems, and statistical analytics. To that end we provide Software as a Service, custom software development (when aligned with Riffyn’s SaaS), and professional engineering/training services for R&D process design, optimization, and statistical data analytics.

Riffyn believes in transparency—not only in software and scientific data, but also in our work practices themselves. We open our doors to customers who wish to inspect our facilities, meet our team, and evaluate our processes.

Riffyn makes data security a priority. We have built our product with advanced physical, network, operating system, application and data transmission security. We protect all customer data with confidentiality agreements. We do not use or share customer data for purposes other than delivering the Riffyn SaaS and process engineering services.

Riffyn is committed to delivering customer value, product quality and personal integrity in everything we do.  We expect our employees to act with the highest ethical standards, respect for other, and attention to safety.

We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every individual. We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone on the basis of ethnicity, culture, religion, age, disability, race, sexual identity, world view or gender, nor do we tolerate harassment or offensive behavior of any kind, sexual or otherwise.

We are open and honest with information and our actions. We are accountable for fulfilling our obligations, and helping others to fulfill theirs. We are careful not to make promises that we cannot meet.

We continuously strive to live our core operating principles:

  1. Add value
  2. No bullshit
  3. Simplify
  4. Change is good
  5. Smile