Riffyn was founded in 2014 by passionate scientists, dedicated to a single goal: Make science smarter.  

Riffyn makes science smarter through software designed to uncover an entirely new level of scientific experimental intelligence that accelerates reliable, repeatable outcomes from scientific research and experiments.  To this end, Riffyn develops collaborative cloud software used by scientists, researchers and engineers to design, manage, replicate and share scientific research and experiments. 
In life, as in science, good enough is simply not good enough, especially for the scientists who will use Riffyn software to discover new lifesaving drugs or improve quality and safety of everyday goods through better manufacturing.  

With Riffyn software, customers in the biotech, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries can now access vast volumes of high-quality data and accurately visualize process design information that is all organized and linked in context to provide an unparalleled level of collaboration and reproducibility. Previously disconnected and siloed experimental data is combined in one platform to gain valuable insights on both the opportunities and the barriers present in all scientific experimentation.  

Digital technologies have transformed entire industries, and, scientific organizations should be no different.  For decades, scientists have struggled with inadequate solutions that created inefficiencies with process implementation and data management including repeating experiments due to inability to find previous similar experiences; inability to locate and filter across experiments, annotations, changing environmental decisions; and, the loss of experimental knowledge and insights when scientists leave.  

Riffyn, making science smarter, one science outcome at a time.