Tired of copying and pasting from uninterpretable spreadsheets? Or rewriting and recalculating the same information repeatedly? Riffyn automatically parses and integrates all your data into analysis-ready form no matter how it was collected. And you can access it from anywhere with just a web browser.


Results you can trust

Riffyn contextualizes and links all your experimental data directly to your protocol designs and experimental conditions. You can determine causes and effects in your experiments with total confidence. 


Slice your data like a ninja

Riffyn is a living historical record of everything you've done in the lab. Riffyn's versioning system and data analytics let you slice, dice and learn from the results of all your past experiments.


goodbye to your graveyard of dead sops

Design elegant and unambiguous experimental processes and protocols faster than you can draw flow diagrams on paper. As you annotate your processes with text, images, and video, your Riffyn designs gradually evolve into the most comprehensive and accessible methodological documentation available. 


COLLABORATE effortlessly

Share your experiment designs and data instantly with any other Riffyn user with whatever access privileges you want. Concurrent updating, version control, activity logs and communication tools make sure no information falls between the cracks.